That flying wonder we all associate with sunny afternoons in the park—the dragonfly—is a long held symbol for the positive change and renewal and it was by design that we made it a central icon of our business.


As homeowners, we often have the tendency of seeing our empty or awkward spaces for what they are and not for what they could be. Where you see an immovable support post, we see the sturdy cornerstone for a cozy fireplace. An obtrusive header beam? We anticipate a perfect soffit for pendant lights over a wet bar.

At Parkside, we see your space differently and we’ll help you realize the defining design that transforms your project’s “unique” aspects into some of its most functional elements. Let us show you all that your space can be for you and your family.



We know that completing a project takes more than just big promises. It requires thoughtful, disciplined processes proven out during different projects over many years to ensure that your job will be done right, on time and to your delight.

Parkside Remodeling has an established work flow, from initial design through the completion of construction, which frees you up to enjoy the journey while providing the comfort of knowing that things are moving in a timely, coordinated fashion.



Awe-inspiring as it is, even the Taj Mahal was built on a budget. And while you’d like to have the perfect finished room addition or gleaming kitchen for your home, we realize that you don’t necessarily want to undertake (or pay for!) the 8th Wonder of the World.

Let us help you maximize what you want to invest in your project. We can help give you straight answers, prioritize design wants and needs and build a space that respects the resources that you want committed to the project.



A design/build project should be an exciting and optimistic undertaking with the ultimate reward being a finished product that makes your life better—with more comfortable surroundings, more inspiring finishes and more useable space.

Every arrival to a destination is the sum of the steps it took to get there; we aim to make those steps clear, well-considered and enjoyable for you. Parkside has an unparalleled project management team, experienced in not only delivering a quality job but also in communicating with you—thoroughly, and with respect and politeness.



And how are we so sure that you’re experience will be different and that your design will shine? We’ve done it before…many, many times. With years on the job and multiple design / build awards under our tool belts, we have the expertise it takes to make the complex simple with great design, construction and service.